Here I go again

Some of you have suggested me to start my own blog and share with you. "Share", big words. I'm wondering what could I share with you...

Well, let me explain myself...

I'm moving abroad. I'm leaving my country, Spain. For a year. But I honestly think that's the best thing that could happen to me. Perhaps, that was the hardest decision I've ever made. And at the same time, the easiest. That's because I'm going abroad to research. No grants, no work, but research at last. That makes me inmensely pleased.

Thus, that encouraged me to share with you. I'm certain I can share with you my experience abroad.

But there's something else... I realised there's some info missing on the internet. And I think I can contribute to solve it: there's a gap in blogs with reasearch and physiotherapy as a topic, mainly, in spanish. So, I will try to mend it!

Little more to say but welcome!


PS: The song that inspired the title of this post, Whitesnake.


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