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Radiculopathy vs Radicular Pain

Brief course about radiculopathies and radicular pain, shared with Arturo Such in the III Congress of Physiotherapy. Organized by the Association of Physiotherapy Students-Universidad San Jorge. Zaragoza (February, 2015)

Pain management in the elderly

Pain management in the elderly, in the V Seminar of Physiotherapy in Geriatrics. Organised by the Catalonian Physiotherapists’ Proffesional Association. Barcelona (April, 2015)

New managements in physical stimulation in dementia

New managements in physical stimulation in dementia, in the Symposium “Other perspectives in the Alzheimer’s Disease”. Organised by Comunidad de Madrid & Queen Sofía’s Alzheimer Insitution. Madrid (June, 2015).

Neurodynamics and neuropathic pain

Conference talk given to the II International Congress on Spine Management. Organised by the Canary Physiotherapists’ Proffesional Association. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (November, 2014)

Neuropathic pain is defined as pain initiated or caused by a primary lesion or dysfunction in the nervous system. Evidence-based recommendations for pharmacologic and non-pharmacological treatment have been published. Regarding non-pharmacological treatments, physical therapy has been suggested. Among all the modalities concerning physical therapy, this presentation is focused on neural mobilization (or neurodynamics). 

Asociationism in Physiotherapy. The relevance of Social Media. Fisioterapia Sin Red

Fisioterapia Sin Red is a Non-Profit Scientific Association(#FSR), a new movement originated whitin the community of professional physiotherapist.

Colective Intelligente is its aim, to promote knowledge and add new values to the profession of Physiotherapy.

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Lecture: " Interpretation of neurodynamic tests". Further info available at the link below

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