About me

I'm Eva Sierra, BSc in Physiotherapy and MSc in Manual Therapy.

Since I became a chartered physiotherapist, I've managed to keep on studying and treating patients. I've started wotking with elderly, and after that, in a private cliic with pain patients. Regarding my postgraduate studies, I've focused on manual therapy courses and management of chronic pain patients.

Since 2014, I'm lecturer at the BSc Physiotherapy at Centro Superior de Estudios Universitarios La Salle (Madrid). That same year, I started to teach at the MSc Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, at  Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR). Since then, I've also taught some courses related with radiculopathies.

Recently, I've attended national and international congresses, sometimes, as a speaker. The topics I analyze are related to neurodynamics, neuropathic pain or methodology/research

To keep Physiotherapy growing, researh is mandatory. Probably, my main concert is to facilitate dissemination of scientific research. Thus, I agreed to participate as editor-in-chief of a scientific peer-reviewed journal, Fisioterapia y Divulgación.

And, as could not be otherwise, my desire to do science In Physiotherapy has leed me to enroll a dual PhD between Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands).


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